Who We Are

The Society for Science at User Research Facilities (SSURF) is a non-profit organization working to advance the success and awareness of the nation's User Research Facilities.

We Share the Best Practices and Brilliant Research at the Nation's User Research Facilities

The Society for Science at User Research Facilities (SSURF) is a non-profit professional society working to promote and serve the interests of the user science community. SSURF’s mission is to provide a consolidated voice for those engaged in, supporting, and/or interested in research conducted by Users of America’s national scientific research facilities. 

Our membership, volunteer network and Board of Directors include scientific leaders from facilities that are globally renowned as the most specialized, brilliant network of fundamental scientific research laboratories available to the most visionary scientists from across the globe.

We are a “community of communities” –  experts and researchers from groups such as:

  • User Facility Administrators
  • Research Facility Users
  • User Committees
  • Scientific Facility Managers
  • Federal Research Facility Government Affairs
  • Scientific Laboratory Communications

A User Facility is a publicly funded research facility that provides tools and expertise for scientific research beyond the means of any individual research group. A user facility is open to all interested potential users through a competitive proposal process, and access is free of charge for non-proprietary research. More than 50,000 researchers from academia, industry, and government laboratories rely on U.S. user facilities every year for a wide range of projects, from discovery-driven science to the development of new technologies and commercial products.

The key realms of science across our membership include:

  • nuclear and particle physics
  • astronomical research
  • neutron physics
  • nanoscale science
  • advanced materials
  • supercomputers
  • light source and beam lines
  • Biological & environmental research
  • laser and fusion science

User Facilities are a cost-effective way to provide researchers with the most sophisticated tools, instruments, and expertise available. They serve as a collective toolbox critical to scientific advances and innovation. Facility users come from all fifty states and all over the world.

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