U.S. Dept. of Energy – Chief Commercialization Officer & OTT Director Dr. Vanessa Chan

Technology Transfer efforts at the the DoE: This presentation features insight from Dr. Vanessa Chan, Chief Commercialization Officer for the Department of Energy and Director of the Office of Technology Transitions. Dr. Chan will share her thoughts on the RDD&D Continuum (yes there are three “Ds” to consider) and the challenges of bringing ideas from the lab bench all the way to the marketplace.

Her comments will provide context and examples of the great research occurring in – and especially transferring out of – the DOE’s laboratory ecosystem, what opportunities are perceived borne of the recent Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal approved by Congress, and also highlight priorities of the Technology Transfer Working Group.

The U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) serves as the central hub for the technology transfer activities across the Department of Energy’s extensive R&D enterprise. From artificial intelligence and cybersecurity research to advanced manufacturing and quantum computing to medical diagnostics and climate change research, the OTT works to ensure groundbreaking scientific discoveries achieve their maximum public return and impact.

With a mission to advance the economic, energy, and national security interests of the United States OTT strives to streamline access to User Facilities at 17 DOE National Labs and sites, our world-class scientific researchers, and our sprawling portfolio of intellectual property – fostering strong internal and external partnerships that guide innovations from the lab toward the marketplace.

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