Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Analyzing Molecules and Mixtures: EMSL Webinar

The Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory recently held a webinar, “Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Analyzing Molecules and Mixtures,” featuring John Cort, Chaevien Clendinen, Garry Buchko, and Andy Lipton.

  • Cort introduced NMR and walked through NMR for small molecule structure determination, including natural products, and specialized and primary metabolites.
  • Clendinen showed attendees how to use NMR for metabolomics.
  • Buchko provided details on using NMR to characterize the structure, dynamics, and interactions of biological macromolecules.
  • Lipton discussed NMR for analyzing crystalline or amorphous materials.

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