The Society for Science at User Research Facilities Board of Directors is interested to know your opinions regarding our member-focused activities in 2023, and hear your ideas on how we can be a resource for your scientific research. As we expand our outreach and programming we are intrigued to know what would be most relevant and valuable to assist your organization’s mission and goals.

Your responses will be private and not attributed to you in any survey results. Your responses will inform our Board and volunteer committee efforts to design communications, programs and events. We intend to share the results of this survey to our members and prompt further conversations and activities to address the topics that are identified. You will also have the option to provide contact information if you would like to volunteer or discuss issues with us further.

There are 16 questions. Thank you in advance for your time and responses, we appreciate your opinions.

With appreciation,

The Society for Science at User Research Facilities Board of Directors
Lily Troia, Board Chair
Dan Powers, Executive Director

Context for the following questions:

SSURF’s mission is to provide a consolidated voice and resources for those engaged in, supporting, and/or interested in scientific research conducted at America’s national User Facilities.

Our Vision is that our member facilities are globally renowned as the most specialized, brilliant network of fundamental scientific research laboratories available to the most visionary scientists from across the globe.

Our two primary realms of action are:
1) supporting our professional research network by sharing best practices and facilitating professional development, via webinars, newsletters, social media and our Annual Meeting; and
2) promoting awareness about the benefits and significance of User Facility research via statements, presentations, conference participation and site visits.

SSURF 2023 Survey - SSURF Activities

1. SSURF arranges webinars, small group discussions both online and at conferences for Facility Leadership, User Facility Administrators, User Executive Committees and researchers. We help share best practices and highlight the crucial value of User Facilities' state-of-the-art research.

Please tell us what topics are most important to you, to guide our programming.

How important are these topics to you?

3. SSURF has a range of activities to engage and inform our membership with best practices, advocacy efforts and connections to thought leaders in the User Facility ecosystem.

SSURF 2023 Survey - Annual Meeting

SSURF 2023 Survey - Volunteer Committees

12. We have several volunteer committees open for new members: 
  • Government Affairs Cmte
  • Annual Meeting Cmte
  • Communications Cmte
  • Nominations Cmte
  • Membership Development Cmte
  • User Facility Administrator Cmte 
You can see descriptions of these committees on our website. (this opens a new window, you won't close this survey.) 

Would you be interested in joining any of these committees?

SSURF 2023 Survey - Information Sources

13. What sources of information are most helpful and relevant to your professional activities?

SSURF 2023 Survey - Member Context

SSURF 2023 Survey - Shall We Contact You?

17. We greatly appreciate your time and answers to our survey.

If you would like to have further conversation about these priorities with SSURF please provide your email and we will be glad to arrange a virtual meeting at your convenience.


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