Molecular Foundry Winter 2024 Seminar Series

Molecular Foundry Winter 2024 Seminar Series Begins January 16

The Molecular Foundry’s 2024 Winter Seminar Series begins on January 16, featuring 9 distinguished speakers. This series will be hybrid virtual/in-person with in-person seminars taking place in the Foundry’s Chemla Room (67-3111). All seminars will be streamed live on Zoom.

Notably, Kevin Yager will give this series’ joint Foundry/ALS seminar on January 23. Additionally, Samantha Fowler will deliver this series’ IDEA seminar on February 13. Seminars are on Tuesdays at 11 am PT except where noted.

A full list of seminars, Zoom links, and more information are available here. 

About the Molecular Foundry: Supported by the Department of Energy Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES) through their Nanoscale Science Research Center (NSRC) program, the Molecular Foundry is one of five national user facilities for nanoscale science that serves over 1000 academic, industrial and government scientists around the world each year. Users come to the Foundry to perform multidisciplinary research beyond the reach of an individual’s own laboratory. By taking advantage of the Foundry’s broad spectrum of core capabilities and expertise, users increase the scope, technical depth, and impact of their research. See more>>>

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