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The Society for Science at User Research Facilities (SSURF) is a non-profit professional society working to promote and serve the interests of the user science community.  With a growing membership of U.S. user facilities, SSURF is pursuing new activities to support and promote user science. Members benefit from participation in SSURF’s congressional outreach activities, coordination between facilities and funding agencies on issues of common interest, and engagement with SSURF’s network of users and user facilities.

Planned Activities

SSURF organizes and participates in a variety of activities that benefit our valued members including: 

  • SSURF-sponsored User Facility Tours for elected officials and legislative staff
  • Coordination and sponsorship of facility staff and user visits to Congressional offices 
  • Issue-engagement coordination between facility management, sponsoring agencies, and researchers to address issues of shared concern and shape community policies and practices.  
  • Statements of Support to elected officials on matters of import to user facilities
  • Moderated Community Discussions for SSURF community 
  • SSURF Annual Meeting with thought leaders, trainings and crucial peer insights  
  • SSURF Newsletter highlighting member facilities’ special events and scientific discoveries
  • Special webinars on User Facility Best Practices

Benefits of Facility Membership 

User facilities are invited to join SSURF as Facility Members to help promote user science. Benefits of membership include:

  • Two reduced-rate registrations for the SSURF Annual Meeting.
  • Participation in SSURF-sponsored legislative outreach and education events.
  • Facility representation in SSURF issue engagement activities.
  • Bi-annual newsletter including SSURF activities and scientific highlights from member facilities.
  • Spotlighting of your facility’s events, news, and job listings on

Contact and More Information

Questions about SSURF and facility memberships should be directed to Dan Powers, Executive Director at or visit

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