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The Society for Science at User Research Facilities (SSURF) is a non-profit organization working to advance awareness of user facility research.

Society for Science at User Research Facilities Membership

User facilities are invited to join SSURF as Facility Members to help promote user science.With a growing membership of U.S. user facilities, SSURF is pursuing new activities to support and promote user science. Members benefit from participation in SSURF’s congressional outreach activities, coordination between facilities and funding agencies on issues of common interest, and engagement with SSURF’s network of users and user facilities.

Benefits of membership include:
• Two reduced-rate registrations for the SSURF Annual Meeting.
• Participation in SSURF-sponsored legislative outreach and education events.
• Facility representation in SSURF issue engagement activities.
• Bi-annual newsletter including SSURF activities and scientific highlights from
member facilities.

User Facility

Fees for facility memberships are based on facility operation budgets.

Professional & PostDoc

Students (Graduate and Undergraduate)