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The Society for Science at User Research Facilities (SSURF) is a non-profit organization working to advance awareness of, support for and engagement with user facility research.

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Championing The Crucial Impacts of User Facilities

The Society for Science at User Research Facilities (SSURF) is a non-profit professional society working to promote and serve the interests of the user facility community. Members benefit from participation in SSURF’s in-person and online information sharing and networking, our Congressional advocacy and outreach activities and through engagement across SSURF’s network of users and user facilities

Benefits of Membership 

You can engage with SSURF’s activities to share your insights, connect with relevant researchers and provide assistance to advocacy communications. We invite you to join and become part of our programs that leverage our members’ expertise across a spectrum of scientific research. 

SSURF organizes and participates in a variety of activities that benefit our members including: 

  • Advocacy via Capitol Hill visits, formal statements and related engagement with elected and federal agency officials.
  • Annual Meeting with user facility scientists, thought leaders and experts providing crucial peer insights.
  • Virtual roundtables and webinars on user facility best practices and issue updates with federal officials. 
  • Issue-engagement coordination between facility management, sponsoring agencies, and researchers to address issues of shared concern and shape community policies and practices. 
  • Coordination of facility staff and users for visits to Congressional offices.
  • Engaging in volunteer Committee opportunities to help with SSURF programming, advocacy and communications. 
  • Spotlighting of your facility’s events, news, and job listings on, on social media platforms
  • Highlighting user facility discoveries, key programs and concerns via in-person advocacy meetings.
  • Our newsletter (8x/yr) includes user facility scientific highlights, events.
  • Opportunities for SSURF-hosted socials coordinated with user facility events to enhance informal, in-person user networking. 

Categories of Membership

The Society for Science at User Research invites you to check the membership categories below.

We welcome all facilities, organizations, companies and individuals who recognize the value of federally-funded research facilities as a fundamental innovation asset to our national prosperity and national security. Your support is crucial for our efforts to nurture and strengthen our national user facility network, and passionately advocate for enhanced funding to maximize the access, capabilities and impacts of user facility discoveries. 

National Ignition Facility
The National Ignition Faciltity at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

User Facility

For scientific research entities operating in the user facility model supported by appropriations across various agencies of the federal government. User Facility members are enabled to vote in the Annual Society for Science at User research Facilities Board of Directors elections.

Fees for facility memberships are based on facility operation budgets.
  • Annual Budget Over 60 Million $7,500
  • Annual Budget $30-$60 Million $5,000
  • Annual Budget Under 30 Million $2,500
COMET laser at LLNL’s Jupiter Laser Facility

Organizational Partners

For any organization that has an interest in, conducts research at, or supports the science performed at user research facilities. An organization includes, but is not limited to, academic/educational institutions, corporations, not-for-profit corporations, partnerships, cooperatives, collaborations, governmental entities, and institutions.

(Organizational members are not Voting Members.)

Please reach us for details on the benefits for each level.
  • Champion $4,000
  • Promoter $2,000
  • Supporter $1,000
  • Non-profit $200

Professional & PostDoc

For individuals professionally engaged with user facilities as either faculty, users, postdoc researchers or  others with an interest in supporting the SSURF mission. (Professional and PostDoc members are not Voting Members.)

  • Professional Membership $30

Students (Graduate and Undergraduate)

For any graduate or undergraduate student  who conducts research at, or supports the science performed at user research facilities and supports SSURF’s mission. (Student members are not Voting Members.)

  • Student Membership Free

Contact and More Information

Questions about SSURF and facility memberships should be directed to Dan Powers, Executive Director at or visit

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