U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute

JGI Functional Genomics call to Translate Genomic Information into Biological Function.

The Joint Genome Institute’s Community Science Program (CSP) Functional Genomics call is to enable users to perform state-of-the-art functional genomics research and to help them translate genomic information into biological function. The emphasis is on projects leveraging JGI’s DNA synthesis and ‘omics capabilities to enhance understanding of gene and genome function, particularly those not readily achievable without the capabilities and expertise available at the JGI.

Proposals to this call may be submitted to the JGI at any time using a simple web-based form (begin a new proposal document at proposals.jgi.doe.gov to see the proposal format) and are reviewed twice a year. All proposals will undergo an internal pre-review to ensure technical feasibility and alignment with JGI and DOE missions. Submission deadlines: January 30, 2023.

The current call for proposals offers multiple capabilities, such as “Synthesis of genes and pathways for functional characterization” and “Synthesis of combinatorial pathway libraries for fast-track metabolic engineering”, and others.


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