JGI 2022 Functional Genomics Awardees

JGI Announces Final Round of 2022 Functional Genomics Awardees

Twice each year, the Joint Genome Institite accepts proposals for state-of-the-art functional genomics research from potential users who need help translating genomic information into biological function. Through their CSP Functional Genomics call, they look for projects that will leverage the JGI’s DNA synthesis and omics capabilities to enhance understanding of gene and genome function.

Here are the six researchers accepted for 2022. See more details.

Name Affiliation Proposal Title 
Baer, Julia University of California at Santa Cruz The molecular evolution of bloom-forming toxic Pseudo-nitzschia in response to ocean warming
Bhat, Aditi Brookhaven National Laboratory Understanding the genotype-by-genotype basis of heavy metal tolerance in Medicago-rhizobia symbiotic interactions
Campbell, Robert University of Tokyo (Japan) Mining and exploiting histidine kinase sensor domains for construction of a massive catalog of green fluorescent protein-based biosensors for detection of biofuel, bioproduct, metal ion and metabolite targets
Finkelstein, Ilya University of Texas at Austin Beyond CRISPR: Functional metagenomic discovery of programmable anti-phage systems
Møller, Marie Sofie Technical University of Denmark (Denmark) High throughput screening of binding modules to improve the efficiency of enzymatic degradation of synthetic polymers and polysaccharides
Nikel, Pablo Iván Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability (Denmark) Paving the way towards new-to-nature fluorinated bioproducts

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