FRIB Announces First PAC-recommended Experiments

Michigan State University (MSU) operates the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB); the FRIB Program Advisory Committee (PAC) has peer-reviewed the first set of science proposals for experiments that will be conducted after FRIB commences user operation in early 2022.The PAC-recommended experiments align with national science priorities and span the four FRIB science areas: properties of rare isotopes; nuclear astrophysics; fundamental interactions; and applications for society, including in homeland security.

Additionally, they will utilize the full spectrum of FRIB’s capabilities: fast, stopped, and reaccelerated rare-isotope beams, use of all FRIB experimental areas offered in the first PAC period, as well as all major FRIB instruments. They comprise exciting new research that was not possible prior to the completion of FRIB.


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