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DOE Launches Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has appointed the inaugural board of directors for its first ever agency-related foundation. The Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation (FESI), authorized through the 2022 CHIPS and Science Act, is an independent non-profit entity that supports DOE in its critical mission to ensure America’s continued security and prosperity through transformative science and technology solutions. for addressing energy and environmental challenges. Once established, FESI will help accelerate the commercialization of new and existing energy technologies by raising and investing funds through engagements with the private sector and philanthropic communities. The Foundation will help DOE provide additional resources, tools, and capacities for potential partners and communities across the country—supporting solutions-driven research and innovation that strengthens America’s energy and national security while helping achieve the Biden-Harris Administration’s ambitious clean energy goals.

“The Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation offers an unparalleled opportunity for support and advancement in our nation’s rapid and equitable transition to a clean energy economy,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm. “The FESI Board of Directors will help meet the Department’s goals, and bring alive the biggest, boldest solutions to the challenges of our time.”

Since 1959, twelve agency-related independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations have been created, which have averaged a return of $67 for every dollar in federal contributions.

As directed in the 2022 CHIPS and Science Act, DOE identified individuals to serve on FESI’s governing board. Board members will have the opportunity to set priorities for FESI, make key hires including the executive director, establish bylaws and governance structure, as well as actively fundraise for FESI activities and initiatives – including fostering public-private partnerships, investing in companies commercializing critical energy technologies, support underrepresented groups and regions responding to DOE funding opportunities, and tackling a wide variety of systemic and distributed federal, state, and local deployment challenges.

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