Los Alamos 2022 DisrupTECH Tech-Transfer Event

Los Alamos 2022 DisrupTECH

Cutting-edge technologies with tech-transfer potential – including better forensic sampling methods & lower-cost methane-leak detection – were among eight presentations made by Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists as part of the 2022 DisrupTECH event.

Argonne & FSU Scientists Discover Structure Dynamics to Improve Solar Cells

Argonne National Laboratory

To help bring halide perovskites – promising materials for solar cells – from the lab to commercialization, researchers at Florida State University and DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory examined them under real-world conditions. The scientists found that light and electric fields can create changes in the material’s basic properties and affect the lattice structure that’s crucial […]

Aug 31 Argonne Leadership Computing Facility Polaris System Workshop

Argonne Leadership Computing Facility workshop

On August 31 Argonne Leadership Computing Facility is hosting a webinar on the HDF5 parallel file system, its possible effects on HDF5 performance, and a summary of tools useful for performance investigations.  HDF5 is a data model, file format, and I/O library that has become a de-facto standard for HPC applications to achieve scalable I/O […]

NSLS-II, CFN, APS & NERSC Collaborate on Conversion of CO2 and Ethane Research

Center for Functional Nanomaterials

In their study, the researchers solved the challenge of discovering the right catalytic pathway for using ethane to convert CO2 into gas for generating electricity, liquid fuels, or ethylene.Converting carbon dioxide (CO2) and ethane—an underutilized component of natural gas—into chemicals with higher value would allow us to make use of a potent greenhouse gas and […]