SSURF Annual Meeting Dec. 7 – 9, 2022

Society for Science at User Research Facilities

Topics include highlights from the Office of Science, National Science Foundation, facility updates, user spotlights, legislative themes, DEI in user facilities and much more.

Aug 31 Argonne Leadership Computing Facility Polaris System Workshop

Argonne Leadership Computing Facility workshop

On August 31 Argonne Leadership Computing Facility is hosting a webinar on the HDF5 parallel file system, its possible effects on HDF5 performance, and a summary of tools useful for performance investigations.  HDF5 is a data model, file format, and I/O library that has become a de-facto standard for HPC applications to achieve scalable I/O […]

Aug. 15 – 17: Advanced Light Source Annual User Meeting

Advanced Light Source

RSVP for the free 2022 Advanced Light Source User Meeting, which will take place virtually August 15–17. The ALS mission is to advance science for the benefit of society by providing our world-class synchrotron light source capabilities and expertise to a broad scientific community. Agenda Highlights include: (and check the website for detailed workshops and […]