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Call for Nominations: Newly Established DOE Isotope Research and Development and Production Advisory Committee (IRDPAC)

The newly established DOE Isotope Research and Development and Production Advisory Committee (IRDPAC) is the federally chartered advisory committee for isotope research and production.  The duties of the IRDPAC are generally described at the end of this communication.

The DOE is in the process of establishing the first committee of the IRDPAC.  DOE invites you to suggest leading individuals in the community who are knowledgeable about isotope research and production, relevant fields of science, and isotope applications, and have a record of accomplishment to be considered for nomination to IRDPAC.  Please consider nominating a colleague and encouraging nominations by sharing this letter broadly with colleagues and professional networks. The DOE encourages nominations of individuals from underrepresented groups, and is committed to fostering safe, diverse, equitable, and inclusive work, research, and funding environments.

The DOE is looking for a diverse committee with representatives from different types of organizations, including academic, national laboratory, professional organizations, industry, and federal agencies. The Committee will represent a suite of core competencies and thus we invite you to consider candidates from these different areas of expertise:

Reactor Isotope Research and Production; Accelerator Isotope Research and Production; Stable Isotope Enrichment Research and Technology; Radio and Nuclear Chemistry Research; Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Robotics; Medical Isotope Applications; Energy and National Security Isotope Applications; Discovery Science and Quantum Information Science Applications; Industrial Isotope Applications.

Please provide your suggested names, their institution, their area(s) of expertise from the list above, and any other words of support via email to Andrea Condrad at (Andrea.Condrad@science.doe.gov) by April 2, 2024.

With best regards,

Dr. Jehanne Gillo

IRDPAC Designated Federal Official

Director of the DOE Isotope Program

Office of Science, Department of Energy

Description of the duties of the Committee:

  • Periodic, independent reviews of elements of the Department of Energy (DOE) Isotope Program (DOE IP) and recommendations based on those assessments for more effective mission execution and mission readiness.
  • Providing advice on priorities and strategies, and development of long-range plans, to address more effectively the needs for stable and radioactive isotopes for research and applications that are critical to the Nation and in short supply.
  • Providing advice on appropriate levels of funding to develop those plans, priorities, and strategies and to help maintain appropriate balance among elements of the DOE IP.
  • Providing advice on national policy and scientific issues related to isotope production, research and development that are of concern to the DOE and the Nation, as requested by the Secretary of Energy or the Director, Office of Science.

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