Advanced Light Source

Advanced Light Source Offers Doctoral & Post Doctoral Fellowships

The Advanced Light Source is a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science national scientific user facility whose excellent scientific reputation, expert staff, and capabilities in the soft x-ray, hard x-ray, and infrared regimes attract approximately 1,600 academic and industrial users each year in disciplines spanning physical, chemical, materials, biological, energy, and Earth sciences. (See more below.)

The ALS offers Doctoral Fellowships in Residence to allow students who have passed their Ph.D. verbal and written exams (generally third-year students) to acquire hands-on scientific training and develop professional maturity for independent research. The next application cycle will be open March 8–29, 2024, for fellowships to start on September 1, 2024.

ALS Collaborative Postdoctoral Fellowships provide opportunities to conduct collaborative research and instrument development and gain exposure to current scientific challenges that can be tackled using advanced synchrotron radiation tools. The next application cycle will be open March 8–29, 2024, for fellowships to start on September 1, 2024.

Fellowship applications will be reviewed by a panel of ALS scientists and leadership. Applications will be evaluated based on the qualifications of the applicant, the merits of the proposed collaborative research, and the alignment of the project with ALS programs and strategic priorities.

The Advanced Light Source is one of five Berkeley Lab user facilities that serve a combined 14,000 users annually. The co-location of these user facilities – including the Molecular Foundry Nanoscale Science Research Center and the NERSC scientific computing center, as well as Berkeley Lab’s outstanding programs in materials and chemical sciences among others – offers a prime environment for collaborative science. The ALS has been a global leader in soft x-ray science for more than two decades and is currently undergoing a major upgrade (ALS-U) that will endow the facility with state-of-the-art x-ray capabilities.


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