Society for Science at User Research Facilities

2022 SSURF Board Election – Call for Nominees

The Society for Science at User Research Facilities is seeking nominations for the Board of Directors. Deadline September 15, 2022.

Terms for Directors are 3 years, beginning in November 2022. including opportunities to lead subcommittees and participate as an officer on the Board Executive Committee. A primary responsibility of each Board Director is to participate in the development of policy and strategic decision-making.  Another key responsibility is to be active on an ongoing basis in a subcommittee of the Board. Also, Directors are expected to participate in Board meetings held virtually for an hour each month.

Click here to see the form to apply – or to nominate someone. Self-nominations are welcomed!

Along with our ongoing activities, additional goals for 2023 include:

  • expanding our online resources and frequency of short virtual meetings among Users – including engagement with political, business and civic leaders
  • returning to in-person visits – with focused agendas – as COVID protocols allow
  • participating in national conferences to spotlight members
  • engaging more User representatives
  • Working on cross-facility standards (i.e. FAIR, training reciprocity, DOIs) to help streamline User and Facility efficacy

You can see our current Board members here.

 Our Board of Directors will play a central role in this important work, your interest is appreciated!

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