2021 Berkeley Lab Director’s Award Laureates

Congratulations to these members of the ALS community who will be honored with Berkeley Lab Director’s Awards. Tune in to the award ceremony on November 18 at 12:00 p.m. PT.

2021 The Berkeley Lab Prize – Lifetime Achievement Award: Howard Padmore, Photon Science Development LeadCitation: For his visionary role in conceiving, designing, building, and running beamlines at the ALS, starting before ALS’s “first light” in 1993, and continuing through today and into the future through his critical contributions to ALS-U.
2021 Service: Monroe Thomas, Mechanical TechnicianCitation: For Monroe Thomas’s central role in building today’s ALS by providing superb technical services to the ALS community.
2021 Tech Transfer: Center for X-Ray Optics (CXRO) – Patrick Naulleau, Arnaud AllézyChris Anderson, Nord Andresen, Kim Ayotte, Markus Benk, Eric S. Buice, Weilun Chao, Rene Delano, Michael Dickinson, Geoffrey Gaines, Jeffrey Gamsby, Arian Gashi, Kenneth A. Goldberg, Eric Gullikson, Warren Holcomb, Martin Izquierdo, Gideon Jones, John Joseph, Chanin King, Oleg Kostko, James MacDougall, Jeremy Mentz, Ryan Miyakawa, Chris Orman, Marco Pelayo, Senajith (Seno) Rekawa, Farhad Salmassi, Brandon Vollmer, Jinyuan Yan, Dmytro Zaytsev, Daniel Zehm, Wenhua Zhu
Citation: For sustained, impactful, and world-leading R&D achievements in EUV technology harnessing the unique research environment at LBNL.

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